This week we added the ability for all users to upload all their ErgStick sessions to the Concept2 Logbook. We did this because we know people love the logbook, and it also removes a barrier to trying the app. It means if you try the app for a session and don’t like it then nothing lost, your data is in your log book.

We don’t think that will happen, once you come and try the app you will be hooked. It’s magic!!

Somebody asked me, what are the advantages of using the ErgStick app.

The summary data is much more in depth, and we accurately measure the stroke rate. I have attached three videos here which show the differences between the ErgStick, ErgData and Live Rowing apps.

I would say that all three apps are trying to do very different things, which give you the consumer a good choice.

Live Rowing
To my mind live rowing is trying to engage people by providing live racing on the display in landscape view. They are also offering some social elements to the experience. Nick is also selling a cable which connects his app to the PM4 and PM5


All the is app is doing is collecting the data from the PM5, logging it and sending it to logbook.


We are collecting and displaying much more detailed data than the other two, especially in the summary section. Indoor rowers love their data. In order to connect our app to the PM4 and PM3 we built a ErgStick dongle which has the added advantage of letting users collect their heart rate from Bluetooth and ANT heart rate monitors, plus you can put your erg in your pouch and not have it tethered to the monitor.


So what is the future for ErgStick….

We don’t want to give away too much, but we see ourselves as STRAVA for indoor rowing. Watch this space and see the future of indoor rowing unfold before your very eyes.

Come and have a play with our app, and give us your feedback.