The 2k is the gold standard test on the rowing machine. Over the next few months many of you will be embarking on a 2k test either for selection or at indoor events across the globe. We thought that we should put a little guide together, of how to put yourself in the best position to perform on the day. In May 2015 we wrote a blog about how to best get ready for a 2k test (read here) including a short program how to prepare in the run up. Below are some tips if you have a week to go until your test.

1. Do the training

You have to have done the training. There is no cheating on this one. If you haven’t done the training it won’t be pretty but with the right approach and preparation in the run up your test can help you.

2. Be Prepared

The week before is about getting ready. Mentally and physically. You should have a plan ready in your head of how you will pace your 2k and generally your aims for the test. In the week running up to the test you should taper and do some shorter bursts to get your mind and body ready. I liked doing a couple of 1000m pieces in the run up to get used to the burn. Make sure you focus on finding your rhythm in those prep pieces.

3. Eat, sleep and drink

Something that is easily ignored is the stuff around the training. Think of yourself as a petrol engine that is about to perform a long drive. You don’t want to be putting diesel into your self… Make sure the right food and drink is going into you the whole week before. Also ensure that you are getting enough rest and recovery. Sleep lets your muscles recover.

4. Plan

Going into the 2k you need to have a plan of some sorts. My best scores always came from attacking the 1st 1000 but leaving enough in the tank to step on at the half way point. I am not going to write down your plan but a good friend of ours has made an awesome video.

Note: Rowing WOD is a great resource for ergo sessions

5. Stick to your plan

What is the point of having one if you’re not going to follow it. You’ve written a specific plan for a reason so stick to it. You’ll be excited, the adrenaline will be rushing but don’t let this be an excuse to throw away everything you’ve worked on over the last few months to get you ready for test day. Stick with the plan as it will get you through the test.

Good luck with your 2k test. Let us know what you did to prepare for your 2k in the comments below.