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How do I turn the ErgStick on?

The LED will only come on if the ErgStick is charged. Every 15s the ErgStick checks if it is plugged into a Concept 2 display. If the display is on then after a while the Green LED will flash.

You can then connect the app.

The LED light does not come on?

Your ErgStick is not charged. The battery will last for 6-7 days on standby. Use the adapter provided and plug it into a USB plug.

When you plug it in a green red light will come on. When the battery is fully charged then it will turn green. If you leave the ErgStick plugged in for a long time then the green light will switch off.

What happens if my phone runs out of battery during the session?

The session will not be recorded as the phone is required to store the data. Please ensure that your phone is sufficiently charged for the session.

How do I use the ErgStick?

Setup your ErgStick

Do I need to charge the ErgStick?

The ErgStick does not get any power from the Concept2 displays. The USB is a peripheral and as such we can not charge the device from the PM monitor. Use the USB adapter provided to plug into any USB plug.

It should take about 6  hours to gain a full charge. The battery lasts for 6-7 days on standby and should give 6-8 hours of use depending on the monitor you use.

Do you ship to my country?

We only ship ErgStick to the following regions and countries:

EU, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Discount for bulk orders?

We offer the following discounts on bulk or group orders.

10 – 24 ErgSticks = 5% Discount

25 – 49 ErgSticks = 10% Discount

50+ ErgSticks = 15% Discount

Still have questions? Let us know at info@ergstick.com.