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Ergs do Float

Introducing Float Over the last few months we haven’t released any updates to the ErgStick app and we wanted to let you know why. We launched the ErgStick app in December 2015 and have had incredible feedback and usage. In February we released the ErgStick to allow PM3/4 rowers to upgrade their machines to be [...]

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Building your own app for ErgStick

Today there are thousands of ErgStick users across the globe that are collecting their data from the Concept2 rowing machine onto their phone, but this is only through one app. From today any developer or app will be able to add ErgStick connectivity to their app in an instant. We have been developing our own [...]

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The dawn of verified ergo scores

When I started rowing, smartphones didn’t exist and the Nokia 3310 definitely could only play snake. Fast forward 13 years we now have smartphones capable of landing us on the moon. But there is one thing we’ve only recently been able to do… Verify ergo scores via pictures and more recently apps.  Every Christmas break [...]

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What’s new in version 1.8

We've released an update to ErgStick today which includes: Connect with Rowe.rs Social Sharing   Connect with Rowe.rs   In 1.8 you are now able to connect your Rowe.rs account to your ErgStick Account just by simply logging into Rowe.rs through the ErgStick app. This will allow you to import your sessions from ErgStick into [...]

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Why you should record every stroke

Since the introduction of the smartphone and Bluetooth LE it hasn't been possible to create a simple method to collect every stroke from the Concept2 rowing machine until now. We've been working on ErgStick for nearly a year now and one thing that has become clear to me is how angry I get when I don't [...]

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Are you ready to record every stroke you take?

From the 29th February all ergo's will be able to record every stroke, with an ErgStick and our App. Hence why we wanted to write about the app as it plays an integral part to the life of the stick. Nearly a thousand people have downloaded the ErgStick App for PM5, from the 29th the [...]

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How far do you go in 25 strokes?

Over the last few months we've been using the ErgStick running tests in multiple environments, recording various ergo sessions. A particularly interesting test was a 30 minutes test rate capped at 20 strokes per minute. The 30 minute rate 20 test is a particularly painful tests. The rate cap forces the athlete to keep stroke length [...]

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