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Upgrade your Rowing Machine

Make it smart with ErgStick

The ErgStick lets you stream data live to your phone. Just plug it into your Concept2 monitor (PM3 or PM4) and connect it to your apps via Bluetooth. Record with any ErgStick enabled app every workout you do on the rowing machine at the same time collecting your Heart Rate via any Bluetooth or ANT+ Heart Rate monitor.

Record All The Data

Add superpowers to your Concept2 Performance Monitor.

Fantastic Apps Available

Connect to your ErgStick with these great apps which are available to download today!

Build your own apps

Building a fitness app? Add ErgStick to it with our easy to use SDK (Software Development Kit). Get in touch and we’ll send you all the details.

Just row!

Plug in, connect and row. Watch the data stream straight to your phone, recording every stroke you take.

What ErgStick users are saying

This seems to be an evolutionary step combining both with no compromises.
Richard Gosling
Thanks to ErgStick analysing workouts reached a new level! Just need a HR monitor
Tim Rademacher

Test day, now with even more data thanks to @ergstick #test #5k #rowing #lightblue

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Available, get it now online!

Save money with an ErgStick compared to a new PM5 monitor

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