Upgrade your Indoor Rower

Make your Indoor Rowing Machine smart with our Bluetooth and Ant+ dongle.

Record every stroke you take

Plug into your Concept2 PM3/4 Monitor to make it smart.

  • Bluetooth/Ant+

    Add Bluetooth & ANT+ to your monitor

    ErgStick upgrades your monitor allowing you to connect to apps without the hassle of installing a new monitor. Just plug and go wherever you are. The stick is easy to carry and contains 10 hours battery life enough for several workouts.

    The ErgStick is compatible with a select number of apps. Please check before purchase.

  • Apps

    Stream data live to your phone

    ErgStick is compatible with Float – The Indoor Rowing app. Float lets you stream your data directly to your phone. Giving you a record of your full workout history and more analysis that you’ve ever had before.

    Float is an app that works with both the PM5 and ErgStick and is available for free on the App Store.

  • Heart Rate

    Connect your Heart Rate

    ErgStick is able to connect with both Bluetooth and ANT+ heart rate monitors. Making it compatible with most heart rate devices on the market.

  • iOS

    See all your training data in one place


  • Coming to Android soon

    Coming Soon

    We are building the Android integration at the moment. It won’t be long now. If you wish to be kept informed then sign up and we will let you know when we go live.

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  • Thanks to ErgStick analysing workouts reached a new level! Just need a HR monitor
    Tim Rademacher
  • “"I've always wanted to replace my coach with a USB plug in. Now my dreams can come true."”
    Nathaniel Reilly O’Donnell – Rowing World Champion 2015
  • “This seems to be an evolutionary step combining both with no compromises.”
    Richard Gosling
  • “Brilliant, sounds really good! One problem though...allows the coaches to be free to coach during the session!?”
    Alex Gregory MBE, Olympic Champion 2012/2016
  • “I meant you still need to actually row (hard) in the thing to get those times in the ErgStick! 🙂 The rest is made much easier indeed...
    Manuel Jorge Marques
  • “Every coxswains job just got a million times easier.
    Charlotte Palmer – Berkley, CA, USA

Make your rower smart